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Gnooble is a platform which allows colleges and universities to host coding competitions and hackathons for their students. Gnooble also allows teachers to host private assessments for their students and assess their progress over time. The platform also aims to provide a ranking system which measures a student’s performance over time with respect to his/her peers and lets them asses their strengths and weaknesses over time.


I designed the User Interface with maximum focus on usability and productivity a budding developer needs for writing code. The key for this project was to come up with minimal UIs which allows the user to write code on the platform without getting in their way.

The designing process involved typical low-fi sketch on whiteboards to developing accurate wireframes with omnigraffle. Since it is a startup, and the best way was to be agile, most of the UI was designed in the browser without wasting time for fully fleshed out comps for each UI. Diljit implemented all the backend PHP code with minimal assistance from me.

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I owe it to these people for making the project come alive

  • Diljit for including me in this project.

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