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Started in 2009, Digibit is a company offering Website Software solutions. Digibit designs and develops websites to help clients get a proper presence on the web and helps them get more out of it. The company strives to bring world class, quality websites to their clients without having to travel the world.


Around mid-2014, Janes decided to redesign his company's site to compete with other agencies in and near Bloemfontein area. Thankfully, he chose me to design his company’s site since I have been working with him on various sites.

I delivered by creating a more modern site that would attract customers to the site, yet so simple that the customers will be able to browse around and look for the company’s past work easily. The hero image and the site iconography was careful chosen so as to bring out the care we put into the work subtly. A more readable typography was chosen in favour of the previous one.

The most recent redesign based on subtle interaction design provides an unique experience for Digibit’s customers who keep coming back to the company with more challenging and interesting projects.

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I have sourced worked to Sougata a few times and it is great to work with him, He is energetic and very driven, he always exceeds my expectations in the work he does. He is a great addition to any team as he always strives to learn more about the area he specialises in and he strives to be one of the best at what he does.

Janes Oosthuizen, Founder at Digibit


I owe it to these people for making the project come alive

  • Janes for again letting me collaborate with him.

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