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Child in Need Institute (CINI) is an Non-Profit Organisation which address the needs to children and their mothers in the deprived communities. CINI’s main goal seek to break the vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition, ill-health, illiteracy, abuse and violence, affecting in particular children and women.

CINI has developed a cloud based MIS system called MCMS (Mother and Child Management System). It monitors mother and child health, nutrition, education and protection. Using MCMS they manage resources and track the development progress of each and every individual supported through their various mother and child supporting programs. It also helps in reporting back to the sponsors and government agencies that support the people that need healthcare, financial support but are impoverished to do so.


I helped CINI’s IT department to design and implement UI for the MCMS. The focus was not on making something extremely pretty and eye-catching but something which was highly focused on usability and functionality.

Care was taken so that their field workers could be at their maximum productivity when entering data into the system. The usability centred design and modular code will help CINI develop the system which ultimately helps in tracking the progress and growth of children in impoverished families quicker and more effectively.

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MCMS screenshot

Join a network of 5 million sponsors and support groups who are helping CINI bring a positive change in the lives of these underprivileged children.


It is fabulous. Thanks for your creation.

Surendra Narayan Roy, Senior Developer at CINI


I owe it to these people for making the project come alive

  • Atanu for bringing the project home.
  • Surendra Narayan Roy and Susanta Chatterjee for being amazing people to work with.

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