Calcutta Music Academy

Logo, Branding, Interaction Design

Calcutta Music Academy is a free music consultancy initiated by Pradip Majumder, who acts as the principal of the consultancy. He has impeccable reputation with the biggest hotels in Kolkata and currently is a Pianist at The Great Eastern, Kolkata.

After years of teaching students music, he embarked upon me through my friend Atanu to build an online identity for his new initiative. The idea was to make music more fun and easy to learn, and that too from home. CMA helps connect students with good teachers who gives them proper guidance in learning music. CMA aims to help students avoid all harassment of travelling, carrying instruments that come with learning music.


Since I’m bit of a music lover myself, I could relate with the initiative very well. We settled for a simplistic User Interface with subtle interactions which showed appropriate information as requested by the user. I also was able to get my hands dirty with the logo design on this project. Later on, I gave some design direction with the promotional posters and branding as well.

This was my first project as an independent UX Designer. Till this day, CMA continues to get huge organic reach via Google search and helps more and more students each year to learn music, hassle-free.

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I owe it to these people for making the project come alive

  • Atanu for helping me land the project.
  • Janes from Digibit for helping out with the hosting for my first client.
  • Mr. Pradip Majumder and the teachers under him for this wonderful initiative.

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