Beyond Education Group

Wireframes, Userflow, Information Architecture

Beyond Education Group is based in Singapore and Malaysia that matches students looking for tutors and vice versa. They also provide hassle-free solutions for foreign students who are seeking an education in Singapore.

BEG needed a new platform with which they could manage the students and teachers that interact through their system along with all the administrative work that comes with it. The website would also be responsible to generate more leads and conversions in addition to the offline leads they generate.


Userflows were made for three use-cases: for tutors, students and admins. Userflows helped in defining the task for each category of user and develop specific experiences for each of the tasks they performed on the site.


Hi resolution wireframes were developed for the service's three kinds of users which helped to decide the location of each blocks of content.


Designed hi-resolution wireframes and user flow diagrams for the service which helped iron out the information architecture of the site and how the site in going to look roughly on all devices. This included making numerous wireframes for all pages for desktop, mobile and tablet interfaces.

Focus was mainly on app engagement and reducing friction between the app and the user through clean UI and proper content categorisation. User flow was kept as simple as possible so that onboarding was less painful.

It included making wireframes for three categories of users: administrators, students and teachers. Abhisek also worked with me on the project to develop a new logo and branding, colour and typography.


Sougata is accomodating and able to understand the brief of the project and deliver an excellent job

Kelly Chou, Director of Operations


I owe it to these people for making the project come alive

  • Kelly Chou for giving me a great opportunity to chalk out the experience strategy for the site.
  • Abhisek for helping me with the logo and branding

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